Corporate finance

Transactions support services
  • Market analysis and M&A consulting
  • Search for buyers and potential acquisitions
  • Analysis of a company by the request of a seller
  • Consulting in the field of business valuation
  • Due diligence by the request of the buyer
  • Business valuation
  • Support in the process of the negotiations and transaction’s documents preparation
Business recovery and restructuring services
  • Analysis of the financial status of a company and possibilities for the business recovery
  • Working capital management and short- term cash flow forecast
  • Supporting in the debt restructuring
  • Support in discontinuing non-core, insolvent business operations and assets
  • Working out and comparing different options for restructuring
Forensic services
  • Analysis of fraud risks associated with a company
  • Analysis of the internal control system aimed at the prevention and detection of the fraud risks
  • Investigation of fraud
IPO services
  • IPO diagnostics
  • Working out the milestones for IPO preparation
  • Consulting on different IPO issues


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