About us

About us

  • Our company was founded in 1992. The quality of our services was the key factor from the very beginning of our operations. We provide quality services in all our projects supporting the successful achievements of goals of our clients. Our specialists have an experience working on different projects in different industries. Our skills and experience help in achieving targets of your business.

  • Our company is a member of HLB International, which is operating worldwide in more than 110 countries. Because of this, we are able to render different services in those countries where your business exists. HLB International, founded in 1969, is ranked at 14th place among biggest international audit and consulting organizations. 

    According to International Accounting Bulletin (October 2017) 
    HLB International was ranked at 8th place based on revenue among international audit organizations in Russia.

  • We base our work on the understanding of your business and your expectations from the project. For successful project delivery we create a team consisting of specialists with the required skills and experience. Our experience and efficient project management lead us to a successful project delivery without any time delays and within the client’s expectations.